The first MINI I bought was an ā€˜02 MINI Cooper. Chili red with a white roof. I called her Annie because of her big white eyes (headlights).


My second MINI was an ’04 Cooper S. Chili Red with a white roof. I called him Warbucks because, well, Annie.


My third MINI was a ’14 Clubman. Orange with a black roof. The only one with bonnet stripes, I called him Julius because he was orange. His license plate was Zug after the advertising campaign that launched the Clubman. The hardtop was the Zig, the convertible the Zag and because it was a little funky, the Clubman was the Zug in Zig, Zag, Zug.


My fourth (and current) MINI is an ’06 Cooper S. Chili Red with a white roof. Purchased from the original owner in 2020 with only 23k miles. The last year of Gen 1 MINIs, pretty sure I’ll keep this one forever.

Big Red:

My fifth (Mark’s MINI) is a ’14 Cooper S Countryman All4. Chili Red with a white roof. Frankly speaking, we needed a bigger car most of the time with the boys. This one isn’t so MINI (I lovingly call it MINO, Mini In Name Only), but it’s the biggest you can get and still have a MINI.

Max (as in Headroom):

My 6th (our current 3rd) MINI is a 2008 JCW Convertible. Chili Red with a black top. We found this on Facebook, just a 45 minute drive away. This is the closest we get to a project car, and it’s the family favorite. There’s no leg room in the back seat, but nothing beats the view.