Hello & Welcome

When I was 15 I went to England for the first time. Following the requisite castle visits, cathedral tours and Stonehenge excursion, we spent time in London. Everywhere were Minis. The small roads and generally smaller areas made small cars a necessity (have you ever seen an H2 drive in London?!). So it was in fact a practical car (aside from its racing lineage etc). But for me it was a car I couldn’t get over.

Minis were not readily available in the US, and certainly not for a teenager. Instead my first car was a Pontiac 6000. When I was able to buy my own car, I bought a Nissan pickup truck (it’s a long story). The truck was stolen and replaced by another nearly identical one, which I drove for over 10 years.

Then one day, I was at the Miami International Auto Show (do they still do those?) and saw the MINIs that BMW would be launching in the US. I was 15 all over again except that I was 30. A few months later I saw one driving in Palm Beach, went immediately to a dealership and ordered my first one. I called that car Annie, which nearly 20 years later seems a little ridiculous. But that little car took me on so many adventures, introduced me to one of my best friends, and led to me meeting my husband, Mark.

Today we each drive a MINI and have owned approximately 10 between us over the years.

This site is a collection of my MINIs, my MINI adventures, collections, and creative pursuits. My MINI life, in short. It’s a work in progress, just like me.

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