So you invited a stranger to come visit? Now what’s the plan? Well, the plan is to schedule every moment of every day and to do ALL THE THINGS. All the things in Florida anyway.

We started with a MINI Rally to Key West. I planned it, got group rates at a hotel, scheduled various activities and got my MINI friends to participate. I’d never been to Key West myself, so it was pretty awesome.

I don’t think you can drive this close to it anymore!

After Key West, it was a couple of days in Miami (have I mentioned I’m from Miami?) then across the everglades through Naples and up to St Petersburg and Busch Gardens. From there we went to Orlando and Magic Kingdom at Disney, over to Kennedy Space Center, through Daytona and then back south to West Palm Beach where we saw Aerosmith and Kiss at an outdoor concert!

After that it was a few more days in Miami, including a Marlins game, before he headed home.

It was a really hard goodbye and we made plans to see each other again soon…

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